Get Wet!

WaterWorks Full Band Building.jpg

Founded on the west side of Charlotte in an old WaterWorks building, the five-piece ensemble (sax, guitars, bass, vocals, drums) brings influences spanning generations and genres. Age range from 27-61, the group stretches what it means to be a rock band through live improvisations over their originals and new takes on classic hits. The band meshes their 35 year age variances into a conversation between Jerry Garcia, Keith Richards, Branford Marsalis, and David Bryne.  

Powered by the concept of ‘just play’, WaterWorks experiments with the soundscapes in the moment using the avenues of their own written songs and covers. Never afraid to try something new, the band often discovers unheard of areas of the musical world and experiences fresh sounds along with the audience. The core writing duo of Alec Dwyer and Wes Steenburgh co-wrote a slew of songs while Erick Payne’s soaring sax kept the live shows in the upper stratosphere. After rotating through various bassists and drummers, Brian Scott and Tom Thomas stepped in to support the growing list of shows. Fearless in experimenting, raps and stretched out improvisations have been known to show their faces as the group continues to expand upon their fun, jamming sound.

With over 60 shows planned for 2019, the band aims to record their first single in the Fall of 2019.