Get Wet!

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WaterWorks pulls their sound from the archives of classic rock mixed with their 90s upbringing of jam, funk, southern, and alternative rock to create a unique blend of timeless yet intriguing music. Intent on remaining an original act, the group blends a concoction of their developing originals with fresh versions of classic covers.  As a five piece, the group contains vocalists, two guitars, drums, bass, and saxophone.

Founded in early 2017, the group grabs their namesake from an old WaterWorks building off Morehead Street in Charlotte, North Carolina. A few band mates worked in the building during the day and noticed the building had a fantastic sound when they jammed there after hours, making a fun atmosphere to blow off some steam.  After playing the always enjoyable house party gigs, Alec Dwyer (vocals/guitar), Erick Payne (saxophone), and Wes Steenburgh (vocals/guitar) drove the band further down the road in 2017 to playing gigs at local staples such as Thomas Street Tavern, Petra's, and The Milestone with an exciting, rotating cast of musicians. Brian Scott (bass/vocals) joined the mix regularly and the band began to gain confidence in their abilities to play out. 2018 took the band to increased heights with regular gigs at breweries, food truck festivals, and various Charlotte regional bars; older songs became more solidified and new tunes kept popping up. As 2018 rounded out, they found another missing piece in a drummer name Tom Thomas (drums/vocals) who had played their secret first show back in October 2016.

2019 started hot to get Tom groovin on the bands sound with regular gigs at Queen Park Social, Noda Brewery, and their first gig at a local favorite-Hatties. Currently, the group is working on tightening up originals for recordings, building out stronger setlists, and continually writing new material. Marked as one of the headliners alongside Charlotte legends Groove 8, for the first ever SAUL Festival (St. Andrews University Hurricane Relief) the band is eager to get out there and show em what they’ve got!

Look for them to play at a venue near you in 2019 and give them a listen...something good is cookin!